When we set out to develop SVËNTIA products, we developed a set of building principles to focus our decision making. We are linked to our values to create pure natural skincare with real results. Every product development and packaging decision came out of these key principles.

We wanted to create an efficacious product using only what was essential, nothing more, nothing less. Our products were formulated without chemical ingredients. Just what is essential to work on your skin. We leveraged natural plant derived ingredients in of our line is 100% BIO-ORGANIC.

But we’re working every day to improve our technologies to find even more certificated organic ingredients we can use.

We’re working with our team of cross-disciplinary experts to find more efficacious bio nutrient sources and ingredient combinations from across the globe to provide unique solutions from nature that really work.

We wanted to have open and honest conversations with our consumers about what’s in our products and where each ingredient comes from.

We only use organic ingredients from BIO-certified harvesting.

We stick to a commitment: only natural ingredients and active components for a natural and healthy care.

BIODOCTORS LAB, manufactures Svëntia products under strict controls with only:

  • Natural products from BIO-certified harvesting.
  • BIO-certified naturally processed products with guaranteed traceability control.
  • Certified production and packing products.
  • Additive-free products.
  • Free from synthetic allergenic components.
  • Certified products.
  • Final products with high content of natural active elements.