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Everything began in 1990, when Annette Riemen y Mirko Johansson decided to start a process of investigation and development for the application of BIO ORGANIC active principles in facial and body cosmetics.

As a result, we obtained top quality cosmetic preparations free from chemical additives, with ingredients from solely natural vegetal origin and biologically harvested.

BIODOCTORS LAB, manufactures and markets its own top quality natural and ecological BIO-certified products, providing customers with guaranteed healthy benefits.


SVËNTIA, Nature taking care of Beauty.


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  • serum-facial-regenerative-caja
  • Crema Facial Nutritiva & Regenerante
  • serum-s2-regenerative-caja
  • Contorno De Ojos Regenerante Intensivo
  • Concentrado Facial Anti-Edad
  • crema-facial-anti-edad-revitalizante
  • Serum Facial Revitalizante
  • Contorno de Ojos Regenerante